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On The Left Side: The Funny Football Show

Dec 7, 2015

In another sideways look at football Jim asks: did Mick McArthy ever think anybody would find his dark secret? Which Premier League manager appears to have a fetish for pain threshold? And did an ugly sister try to kill her prince... It's all here in nine minutes of nonsense. For free. Like the free pastry we'll give you if you send all your money to *Your pastry may be eaten before being sent to you #Ipswich #FAI #BibGate #LUFC #NCFC #Canaries #PieTax #Pastry #SausageRoll On The Left Side is a Paint Your Headphones production for Abrupt Audio, and was written and produced by Jim Salveson and Ant McGinley. This episode of On The Left Side as recorded using the following equipment: Blue Yeti, ATR2100-USB and Tascam DR-100. The show was edited and produced using Adobe Audition 1.5 Theme Tune "Don't Care" written and performed by Katalina Kicks #PaintYourHeadphones #KatalinaKicks #AbruptAudio Incidental music and sound effects courtesy of