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On The Left Side: The Funny Football Show

Dec 24, 2017

It's cold, it's snowing, so warm yourself by the fire while we open some of the cards and presents sent to us by the great and good of football, presumably to thank us for all we've done this year. There may even be a sing-song.

On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson for Abrupt Audio

Dec 21, 2017

David Moyes steps up to protect his West Ham players with some diving tips. Meanwhile, Match of the Day goes all Arty farty thanks to Martin Keown and his brushes, plus we speak to Phillip Hegarty of the Yorkshire International Football Association about the birth of a new power in World Football.

On The Left Side is...

Dec 18, 2017

West Ham’s own version of the chuckle brothers, Dildos, sorry I mean Davids, Gold, and Sullivan have been at it again, and it could mean that Jose Fonte and Robert Snodgrass will be transferred out and replaced with Ben 10 and Bob the Builder. Plus the Iron's club shop is selling possibly the shittiest Christmas...

Dec 14, 2017


There are still cuts and bruises from the Manchester derby, but most of these seem to have happened in the City changing room, AFTER the game. Plus we search the media to find the truth about, well about Jose Mourinho's dry cleaning bill. The fans are angry, but we wonder what the older generation would have made of...

Dec 11, 2017

Ronaldo surprised no one by winning footballer of the year for the fifth time. Meanwhile Jurgen Klopp showed off his new teeth before sinking them into everyone who thought that was a penalty in the Merseryside Derby. Down the M62 Noel Gallagher was giving Michael Owen a run for his money in pundit of the year for the...