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On The Left Side: The Funny Football Show

Apr 30, 2017

Hello. Thanks for checking out the latest dose of satirical football words from the minds on On The Left Side. This week we see relegations and sackings as the football season reaches the pointy end, get pretty disappointed by the Manchester Derby and witness the greatest footballer tribute EVER. Plus… Jim gets very excited about El Classico, but not nearly as excited as Ray Hudson. If you haven’t already, the please subscribe to this show NOW so you get the next episode FAST and FREE. Now, enjoy the show. #ElClassico #ManchesterDerby #MCFC #MUFC #Barca #Messi #RealMadrid #RayHudson #JeffStelling #Hartlepool #Aguero #Zlatan #Ibrahimovic #PremierLeague #WengerIn On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson (mostly by Jim this week as Ant has been mostly useless) for Abrupt Audio. Find more shows like this at All sound effects and music appear with the kind permission of the person who made them… and if they don’t then well, we’re sorry and we owe you a beer… yeah?