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On The Left Side: The Funny Football Show

Apr 16, 2020

Bernardo Silva is in trouble with twitter again after a video of him tossing a chocolate banana pancake causes controversy, but it's all just symptomatic of the no football world we find ourselves in. Meanwhile, some footballers chip in to help the NHS, but what if they just built a new hospital? And Paul Pogba finally gets the chance to have a pop back at... erm, you know.. that guy.. the one that... I think he used to play... The angry one... Nevermind, Paul doesn't know either.

On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant McGinley & Jim Salveson, with additional voices from Ciaran Saward. The theme music was written and performed by Katalina Kicks. This episode also features the following music under Creative Commons 3.0 license: Dawn is Coming and Last Resistance by Steffen Daum, and Asking Questions by Rafael Krux

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