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On The Left Side: The Funny Football Show

Feb 13, 2020

Storm Ciara may have put a stop to Man City in the premier league, but couldn't stop Paul Merson who still doesn't seem to have a clue about football. Meanwhile, is the secret to the Baggies success this season their manager's Nostrils? From West Brom, we go to West Ham as the Davids demand an apology from Sky, as social media demands one from Dele Alli, and we get ahead of the game by apologising for everything. In a song...

It's all in the latest episode of football funny written and produced by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson in Manchester UK. Theme music written and performed by Katalina Kicks and appears with their permission. Features Barroom Ballet by Kevin Macleod under Creative Commons 3.0 license.

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With thanks to Sky Sports, ITV, BBC and BT Sport.