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On The Left Side: The Funny Football Show

Jan 15, 2018

We discover that the number of managers with backgrounds of being bad managers, far exceed those of BAME managers across the Football League. And wonder if the FA are only able to address one 'ism' at a time? eg if they are not being racist then is it ok for them to be sexist? There’s heartbreak at Liverpool with the departure of Philippe Coutinho but the pain is eased with what could be the greatest football song ever, made with rice. Pep Guardiola and Neil Warnock shine a light on what it costs to play football in the modern game - bones, and bodies. And we pitch Elton John what could be the greatest ever sporting musical…

On The Left Side is written and produced by Jim Salveson and Ant McGinley for Abrupt Audio. The theme tune "National Hero" is written and performed by Katalina Kicks and appears with their kind permission. Incidental music and SFX courtesy of and use of Creative Commons.