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On The Left Side: The Funny Football Show

Apr 30, 2018

What would Arsene say after his life flashed before his eyes and he met God? Apart from I didn't see it. But Wenger isnt the only person leaving at the minute: Mick McArthy leaves Greggs in a Huff, Louis Van Gaal leaves his name to a new baby, and Chris Coleman does what all managers do and leaves Sunderland AFTER WE'VE RECORDED but we still manage to make it sound like we know what we're doing. Unlike Jack Rodwell, because no-one seems to know what he's doing, or where. But we all have an inner Rodwell that we need to find, don't we?


On The Left Side is written and produced by Jim Salveson and Ant McGinley for Abrupt Audio, with additional production from Sean Allsop.


Sound effects courtesy of free

Incidental Piano played by Wooly

Music appearing with kind permission from the artist:

National Hero - Katalina Kicks -

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